There is No Time..
Einstein's Theory of Special Relativity is False.

about the book

The book 'There is No Time' is non fiction science. It examines the state of knowledge that was current at the time Einstein published the Theory of Special Relativity in 1905. Research for the book revealed that there were substantial errors in scientific thinking at that time. Unwittingly, Einstein adopted these errors in formulating his famous Theory of Special Relativity with the consequence that the Special Theory of Relativity is false.

In particular the book reveals that in fast moving objects time does not slow down, nor does the object’s length contract. The book then proceeds to develop two new theories to replace the Special Theory of Relativity.

I consider that 'There is No Time' is an important publication. The Special Theory of Relativity is a mystery to most people, many wrongly thinking that quoting e = mc² somehow covers all that needs to be understood. To readers who make the effort to work through the book’s mathematics and physics concepts, this long standing mystery will be removed forever. Even without such effort, the book still offers a valuable insight into the Special Theory of Relativity. The reader will also learn something about the nature and history of time, and perhaps agree with the author that time is not an intrinsic part of the universe.

If you have ever wondered just how e = mc² and the Special Theory of Relativity fit together, you need wonder no more, as this book will tell you. As the title suggests, you might also be convinced, that time does not exist, and that time does not form part of the universe. 'There is No Time' goes beyond just proving the non existence of time. Its continuing briefs is to pursure some of the concepts of science, that utilise time, as part of their formative base. In doing so, some are found to be wrong. As well, Two new theories are formulated and published for the first time. The author has tried to keep the presentation practical and simple, but has recognised that some science concepts and associated mathematics were unavoidable. The reader should find the pursuit not only informative, thought provoking, a little controversal, but entertaining as well.
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